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        welcome to the    world  of  neobotanists.

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At the graduate level.

1. Entrepreneurs.

a.Set up a computer centre.
First learn computer skills such as D.T.P and purchase a computer.Format projects for M.Sc.  M.Phil ,ph.d students and with the help of a binder complete it in the form of project or dissertation or thesis as the case may be and earn and be your paymaster. [it is not easy to format science projects esp subjects like Botany,because they have more binomials and other information that will slow the speed of formatting.]Then and there you can format letters, office documents. Purchase a Xerox copier, laser printer, a fax machine and other stationeries that will support you with a decent income. Important: keep a good rapport with the academic people so that they may be sustained patrons for you.
b. Be a florist.
The custom everywhere is “SAY IT WITH FLOWERS.” It requires a little bit of imagination and workmanship. Have contact with local flower vendors and find out the best flowers of that season for floral bouquets and cut flower arrangements and floral baskets. Even a simple, fresh rose wrapped in a glassy polythene paper with a printed greeting will make the recipient smile .After all these floral gifts whether they are rich or modest when delivered in time will make the recipient happy and the sender’s wish is thus fulfilled. Browse google for decorative floral bouquets, floral arrangements and floral baskets. Open Google, click images, type bouquets or floral baskets, or floral arrangements in the search box and click search. You can see thousands of images which will help you to make your decisions. When you attend a marriage or reception next time observe the various types of floral arrangements. Browse Google and note the important addresses of florists all over the world. Like wise by simple email address you can be a florist at your place. Own a computer and internet and if not, have a link with a local browsing centre so that you can give that fax number as your fax number for which the centre will charge you nominally. For ex. go to this website . For your entire flower needs you can also browse .

c. Be a part of tourism industry.
It is the desire of everyone to see new places or to relax in a tranquil environment. If you are residing in a hill station or adjacent to a great city this will help you great. All the govts are interested in ecotourism. Construct an economic cottage in your place with the help of a civil engineer and know the places around yourself thorough so that you can also be a tourist guide.Afterall a tourist from a distant land likes local hospitality, healthy hygienic food, comfortable accommodation, and a guide with a local knowledge. You are the fittest person because most of the Botany students are trustworthy, and obliging. Read travel blogs such as  for information about the locations, customs, and interests of travelers so that you can incorporate all these in your business. All you require an email address, and a browsing centre and a fax number so that the traveler can send you his /her travel details in advance for your preparations. Always think of a traveler who wants to explore new world economically or at moderate expenses. Tell him plainly the expenses so that he may allocate his budget and make travel plans.
d. Herbal trader/exporter.
Over the years there is world wide demand in herbals and what is more important is that pharmaceutical industries require cent percent quality .At present the herbal traders often supply adulterated materials , so quality is still a problem. For herbal trade/export you have to register and get a license and there are certain rules and regulations. Know all those and do accordingly. This will fetch you a handsome return in the longtime and you may become rich. You should know the list of endangered plants and be careful not to collect those plants, otherwise you will be penalized. Similarly follow conservation details so that sufficient amounts of plant materials are left for quicker regeneration at a shorter time. Think always, as a Botanist you are dear to the plants than anybody else.
e. Nursery.
There is a worldwide cry for greening the earth. When promoters build houses, apartments, villas, city roads they go for saplings of shady trees, flowering shrubs, avenue trees, etc, .Go to a nursery and observe the business, and develop the skills for your project. There are techniques with the help of which you can make the plants into trees and sell them at high prices. For ex a cycas revoluta of three years old fetches
 exorbitant price in the market. A nursery owner near TIRUCHIRAPALLI, TAMILNADU, INDIA developed skills to convert the saplings into trees in a shorter time and sold the trees to GULF countries at exorbitant prices and became rich .He devised his own ways of packaging and exporting the trees. What is required is the aspiration. When you have the aspiration your mind will work towards the goal.

Altohough teaching can be one of the options for livelihood,at the outset it requires passion and commitment .Not all teachers are good teachers.A teacher should express even the most complex scientific information in extremely simple and comprehensible terms.Great people always descend to the level of last stratum. Follow Dr.James.D.Watson. Go through his MOLECULAR BIOLOGY OF GENES.He simplifies even the most complex information blended with figures,data,photographs and other allied tools that allow the reader to continue with interest.There are certain unwritten codes in teaching.The listening attitude of a student is like a bell shaped curve.It gradually increases with minutes and decreses after a period of time.After that he simply listens through his eyes but not with his mind.One Dr.Nagarajan,professor of microbiology at Madras university,remind the teachers that teaching should be only for 30 or 40 mts in an hour and the first ten mts for routines and the last ten mts for interaction. Guidance,counselling,intervention at the appropriate time,financial help to the talented needy,carreer guidance services to the final year students both at the U.G and P.G level ,alert services for the jobs etc,etc are some of the prerequisites of teaching.You will be remembered for all these. Career guidance center  during my tenure ,  was started  mainly, to  enlighten the  students  about the existing avenues to enter, after the completion of their studies.This was  carried  out by providing information through  booklets ,contact programmes by employment officers of the employment exchange,and  alerting the students through information dissiminated by various agencies such as newspaper advertisements.    In addition to the above,counselling was  offered, about the various  competitive exams conducted by state govt,central govt and various universities.Attempts were  made then and there, to link perspective employers and students , although  this offered  only meager number of jobs.                                                                           Since most of the students hail from  a rural background, to whom access to information  is  very limited ,correct information at the appropriate time is of  great help to them,  in this highly competitive world. Career guidance services is   a  service in this regard.]

DIVERSIFY YOUR COURSE AFTER GRADUATION..Some fifteen years back , one girl student asked my opinion to join a new course [ M.SC . DAIRY SCIENCE] far away from her native place .Since the PG.was started fresh , chances of getting admission was comparatively easy and hence I suggested to send the application at the earliest .Inspite of all the difficulties , she got her P.G and got a job in a govt dairy and within ten years she reached the post of general manager of a division.Thus the world is for the enterprising people.
Most of the Botany students are conservative and a little bit hesitant.Watch out the new areas !

1.M.Sc in Clinical Research .[Two year full time].

Institute of clinical research india, hyderabad. A.P.

sharda university,greater noida.U.P.  


Chettinad university,kanchipuram dt T.N.    
The admission is based on performance at entrance test and personal interview.

Research can be a career to those who love hard work and futuristic .It should be instinctive .

If teaching requires passion , research requires aspiration. Observation and inference are the prerequisites of research. A simple observation , during the evening strolls, led Hugo de Vries to propose the mutation theory.Gregor Mendel ,Charles Darwin etc  are examples of meticulous researchers.Select one field that could place you in the forefront for another 20 years and will fetch you grants and assistance to meet your research expenses.It should be lab to people,and should have relevance to people’s needs .

Get inspired from the stories of ...
It is always interesting to be interdisciplinary.It offers wider scope and will open new avenues. This is the age of information. Get inspired from the stories of Marie Curie, her life in France, her marriage with Pierre Curie ,their expts in a thatched shed , her discovery of radium , her contributions to humanity without any patents, her suffering due to her expts, the discovery of DNA double helix, the profiles of Dr James .D. Watson, Francis crick, Maurice Wilkins and the unfortunate episode of Rosalind Franklin, the cavendish lab ,the kings college, the race between Linus Pauling on the one side of Atlantic with Watson and Crick on the British side, the one page publication of DNA double helix in nature , the profile of Linus Pauling, how he was caring for the humans, the story of Louis Pasteur, his methodical expts, the tussle between him and the chemists, and his ultimate victory and his contributions to humanity.Click  amd type James .D..Watson of DNA double helix and listen his lectures.  

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